Zadie and Me

David (of Child ID Cards) with
his daughter, Zadie

About US

We’re parents, too. But, in addition to being parents, we also happen to be ID card experts. Child ID Cards was founded by some of us at InstantCard, America’s leading ID card provider.

InstantCard has received numerous requests for child ID cards. And, as parents, we immediately saw the value in creating an individual card ordering service for exactly this need.

So, in listening to you and thinking about what we want for our own kids, Child ID Cards was born. Feedback is vital to us providing you with the best possible child ID. That’s why we encourage you to CONTACT US with any questions, comments, or suggestions.


Apart from feedback, we are also interested in you and your stories. Feel free to send any stories about your children, or photos of them with their Child ID Cards, to We’ll do our best to publish them to our blog.